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Meet our Principals

Michelle Eidson, Principal

Michelle Eidson is the proud principal at Spring Creek Elementary.

WIth more than 22 years of experience in education, Mrs. Eidson leads the Spring Creek team with compassion, dedication, and attention to detail. Eleven years ago, Mrs. Eidson joined the Antler Family as the opening principal at Spring Creek Elementary. Before her time as head principal, she served as an assistant principal for one year and as a fifth grade and sixth grade literature teacher. Mrs. Eidson graduated with a bachelor's of science in Elementary Education from the University of Central Oklahoma and with a masters degree in Educational Leadership from Southern Nazarene University. She loves working in education because of the contagious excitement and energy that children bring with them to school each day. Helping students learn and grow, while nurturing a love of knowledge is why Mrs. Eidson loves what she does! Outside of the classroom, she likes to spend her time with her family, reading mystery novels and being at the beach.