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Healthy Schools Certification

Healthy Schools Certification

Spring Creek Elementary was recently awarded, once again, the title of Certified Healthy School in the Excellence category. 

Certified Healthy Oklahoma recognizes school sites that make a positive impact on the health of employees, patrons and students by creating a healthy environment. Becoming a Certified Healthy School means we are providing a healthy environment for students and employees, along with supporting an overall healthier Oklahoma. By meeting most or all of the criteria to become Certified Healthy, schools provide an established environment to foster behavior modification among students and employees, in addition to policy adoption and implementation. Introducing children and youth to healthy behaviors and practices now will support lifelong healthy habits.

Applicants select activities and policies that are currently offered by their school in each of the nine categories of Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model: (1) Health Education; (2) Physical Education; (3) Health Services; (4) Nutrition Environment and Services; (5) Counseling, Psychological, and Social Services; (6) Physical Environment; (7) Social and Emotional School Climate; (8) Employee Wellness; (9) Family Engagement and Community Involvement. There are three levels of certification to become a Certified Healthy School: Basic, Merit, and Excellence.

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